New Website Welcome

If you’ve been here before, you will have noticed our new look. We hope you like it.

A couple of things I’d like to point out:

1. Subscribe to my blog. Every once in a while, I’ll be writing up something that I think is interesting to our community. Wouldn’t it be cool if you knew about it first?

2. If you don’t already, get to know our Personal Trainers. We have expanded their profiles on the site you you may put a name to that face you see around the club. We’ve also written up a brief profile and published email addresses just in case you have any questions or would just like to say “Hi!”.

3. Our Schedule and Events are now visible on the front page. These are real calendar entries that click through to a simple events “browser” where you’ll be able to read about, search, and filter on the scheduled events in which you are interested.

With these changes, one thing is certain, we’re committed to keeping the SAC community updated. So again… check in often, subscribe to the updates. Have fun looking through the information we currently have available, and stay tuned for even more.