Meet the Staff

Janice Comfort 

Many of you may not recognize Janice because she is the spin instructor for the 5:30 a.m. class…yes, the 5:30 A.M. class.  She is a teacher by nature and when she isn’t teaching spin, she is busy teaching Culinary Arts at Sisters High School.  And when she isn’t teaching for the high school, she is teaching a culinary class for middle school students.  Janice has been with Sisters Athletic Club since the beginning and we really appreciate her dedication to the club.

Janice grew up in upstate New York.  She eventually moved out west to attend California State University @ Chico where she got her B.S. in Dietetics.  She currently resides in Sisters with her husband.  She has 3 children, two who live out of state, and one who lives locally in Redmond.  One of Janice’s greatest joys in life has been becoming a grandparent to her 1 year old grandson. 

Something most people don’t know about her is that she played concert violin in high school.  She also loves to crochet and quilt, as both of these have become hobbies of hers.  Finally, Janice’s major goal in life was to be 5’7”, unfortunately she fell a little short of that.  No matter how tall you are, you are a very talented and honorable woman.

Thanks not only to your dedication to the club, but your dedication to teaching!