Meet the Staff ~ June

Debbie Engstrom 

One of the greatest joys of being able to work out at Sisters Athletic Club is knowing that you can do it while your kids are in Kids Club.  What is even better, is knowing they are being taken care of by Debbie.  Debbie has worked for SAC as the Director of Kids Club since 2001, and actually started when it was at the old facility.  Before coming aboard with SAC she ran a successful day care for over 10 years out of her home.   Being able to work at SAC and still work with kids has allowed her to separate her home life from her work life.

Debbie’s childhood consisted of living in Central Illinois on a farm with her brothers and sisters.  Most of her family is still in Illinois, but 23 years ago Debbie and her husband decided to move to Sisters.  Their goal was to be closer to her husband’s family.   Some of Debbie’s goals are to live a long and happy, healthy life while enjoying the company of her husband, 2 children, her grandchild, their dogs and both their families.

Something many of you may not know about Debbie is that she loves riding with her husband on their Harley Davidson motorcycle.  They have taken many road trips to places that allow her to relax and simply enjoy the ride.  She has also just completed a Thai Foot Reflexology class that taught her relaxing techniques of foot massage therapy.

Thank you Debbie for all that you do here at SAC.  You put a lot of parents at ease by providing the GREAT child care service that you do.