Meet the Staff ~ August 2009

Stacey Lee 

Stacey Lee has been a Yoga instructor with Sisters Athletic Club since 2003 and has built an ever growing clientele.  She grew up in Northwestern, WI and now currently lives in Bend.  Yoga has been a passion of hers and began studying yoga and philosophy while attending UW Eau Claire.  This is where she earned her degree in Psychology.

Stacey’s strong yoga background has come straight from the source in Mysore, India.  This is where she was able to learn from the late K. Pattabhi Jois and his grandson R. Sharath, the worlds most advanced yoga practitioner.  Stacey has appreciated the support of Myra, who has filled in for her classes while she could take off for three months a year to enhance her yoga practices.  Stacey has actually been able to do this for the past five years, and is 1 of about 165 people worldwide to have the honor of guruji’s blessing to teach Ashtanga yoga in the traditional manner.  

One of Stacey’s goals is to “Inspire the folks at SAC to have a home yoga practice and be comfortable practicing on their own…to have enough knowledge of the discipline to not be reliant on a teacher or class…so they are able to keep doing the activities they love throughout their lives.  And hopefully discover the real yoga along the way, seeing the unity within all living things, and finding the inner strength to dissociate from the crazy thoughts our minds will try to tell us, like I’m not strong enough, I don’t have time, this is too hard, I’m too old, etc.”

Stacey is a strong and inspiring individual and we appreciate her commitment to SAC as an instructor.