February 2012 Club News


Sisters Athletic Club
February 2012

Rennie has been a member at SAC for the past nine years. She actually started her membership in our old location downtown. Rennie enjoys the many group exercise classes that we offer at the Club and using the cardio machines. She moved to Sisters in 2000, prior to that she had vacationed at her cabin in Camp Sherman since the late 80’s.
Rennie grew up in South Carolina and is a retired Navel Officer specializing in training and education. Throughout her career she has been stationed in Texas, Japan, Florida, Seattle, New Orelans and the Pentagon, which was her favorite. Rennie met her husband, a retired Navy Captain in Newport, Rhode Island. They have been married for 28 years. During our interview Rennie said “the best thing about me is my husband; he has a great sense of humor.” Rounding out their family is their Yellow Lab Murphy. Having spent 22 years in the Navy, Rennie has done a lot of traveling. She and her husband honeymooned in Hong Kong and visited China in 1980 before tourists traveled there. For her 40th birthday she went to Ireland. She has gone zip lining in Puerta Vallarta. After hurricane Katrina, Rennie contracted with FEMA and planned base camp operations providing services for all the aide workers in the area. She lived in a tent in a parking lot for 1 month. When not at the Club Rennie enjoys hiking, camping and cooking with her friends. Rennie has been working very hard lately and has lost over 30 pounds! We are extremely proud of her and her dedication to leading a fit life!

Taking Ownership of Your Health

Exercise, watch your nutritional intake and lead a relatively healthy lifestyle; it sounds so simple, right? Then why has the obesity rate gotten out of control? Go to our website to see a 25 year trend that tracks the obesity rate state-by-state. Recently I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Dr. Andrew Weil. This is the second time that I have heard him speak. While I understand that part of his job is to sell his books, I truly value what he says. Our Facebook page has a link to his website where you can get his fantastic food guide pyramid. The interesting thing to me and Aimee was how sparsely attended his lecture was. There could be numerous reasons; but when one of the world’s leading doctors comes to Central Oregon and only a handful attends, I wonder if it is simply a result of apathy. My final rant comes on the heels of watching the documentary Food Inc. I strongly encourage everyone to watch it, but be forewarned it is not pretty. With only about 1/3 of our population exercising on a consistent basis and our habit of compromising our nutrition, are we setting ourselves up for even worse health? While I know that I am preaching to the choir, here is a key to solving the issue: help a friend. People are always telling me that exercise and eating organic or natural foods are too expensive. I contend the opposite to be true.

Myra Fisher

Myra found her way to Sisters seven years ago all the way from Boulder Colorado. Myra grew up in Hawaii and spent a lot of time swimming and long distance running. It was through a friend that Myra discovered her passion for yoga nine years ago and has been teaching for seven years. Myra has spent many hours studying yoga with some of the most respected yogis including Pattabi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga yoga. She has made multiple trips to India in order to further her practice and share her knowledge with her students.
Before moving to Sisters, Myra lived in Boulder where she ran an exporting business that specialized in outdoor and rescue equipment. Prior to that she was a Merchandise Manager for a chain of 165 women’s clothing stores in California. Once the “burnout” hit, Myra “retired” into a yoga instructor. She teaches 5 classes per week here at SAC. She also teaches at Black Butte Ranch and occasionally at studios in Bend.
When not at the club you can find Myra practicing yoga 6 days a week, hiking and cross country skiing. Myra still travels back to her home island of Oahu at least three times a year where she continues her yoga studies. Myra has been a vegetarian for the past seven years, which she says, keeps her healthy and strong. It may be hard to believe but Myra is 62 years young and says that life is about making the right choices. The good choices that she has made have enabled her to maintain her body’s health even into her 60’s. Myra is passionate about sharing her knowledge of yoga with anyone who is interested and encourages even beginners to come to one of her classes or take a private yoga class with her. We are so fortunate to have someone with Myra’s knowledge on our staff and could not be more thankful for the service she is able to provide to our members.

Small Town Heart Healthy
By Garret Caster

With scores of Americans falling victim to chronic cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and sometimes all of the above, living in a small town like Sisters may provide a potent “fiscally friendly” medicine, prevention. To great extent, the diseases above are highly avoidable through a simple equation:
Healthy Behaviors + Activity x Consistency – Sedentary time = Reduction in risk of chronic disease.
Healthy behaviors: Wise nutritional choices, proper rest, maintaining emotional health, and stress management.
Activity: Getting out and moving, choosing to walk over drive and exercise.
Consistency: Make it a regular, repeated life style.
Sedentary time: Sitting, doing nothing physically, limited movement, a lack of activity.
Healthy behaviors are easy in Sisters for many reasons. There are two gyms, two sporting goods shops an extensive trail system to hike and bike, a health food store, and a nationally recognized wilderness to play. There is an abundance of activity available to all who live here and the distinct advantage of proximity. There is nothing in this town that isn’t within the distance of a reasonable walk or bike ride. When the factor of consistency meets these practices it will accumulate and have a positive impact on your health. If you work at a job where you mostly sit, make a point to hit the gym after (or before) work. If you love your couch and don’t want it to miss you, sorry, it is time to say goodbye to an unhealthy relationship. There is no substitute for accountability and responsibility. In the end it’s up to the individual to take advantage of all the potential health benefits of living here. Do that ticker a favor and enjoy what this town could do for you!