Club News May 2012

Sisters Athletic Club
May 2012

Mia and Ellie Cook

Mia and Ellie Cook, age 10 are some of our most active members. They began swimming at SAC with Rebecca when they were 3 years old. They have progressed into active participants in our after school swim club with Leah. They began swim club in January 2011 and have been with it ever since. They enjoy the camaraderie of the swim club and being with their friends in the pool. They also “just love” Leah. Besides swimming, Mia and Ellie enjoy riding horses. They share a show pony named Scooby Doo. They ride English style and compete in Hunter Jumper events. Their dad Jeff is a horse trainer so most of their training comes from him. Central Oregon hosts many competitions which keep them busy. Besides swimming and riding horses Mia and Ellie enjoy skiing and spend a lot of time at Hoodoo. They started skiing last year but have become quite good. Ellie enjoys skiing for the fun of it but Mia likes to challenge herself on black diamond runs and hopes to race someday. Aspirations for the future include opening a dog kennel complete with grooming facility, doggy bakery and a foster and rescue operation. The girls currently foster dogs waiting for adoption so they are getting lots of practice. If you can’t tell, Mia and Ellie are twins with Ellie being the oldest by one minute. These sisters are very close and the best of friends. They share a room, have the same friends and sometimes have “twin moments” when they say the same thing at the same time. If you can’t tell them apart – Ellie is pictured on the left and Mia on the right. We love seeing their smiling faces at the club and are happy they have chosen to be so active at SAC!

Get Active America
May is the month that SAC participates in the Get Active America program. We are challenging our members and the community to be active for 5 days a week; 6 out of 8 weeks. Being active consists of 30 or more minutes of activity. Throughout May members may bring a guest with them for up to two weeks at no cost. Last year was the first year we participated in the program. We had 137 members take the challenge and I would love to see that number increase this year. All participants will receive two free guest passes and will be entered into a drawing for some great prizes. Take the challenge and get your body ready for summer with Get Active America! Sign up forms are available at the front desk.

Triathlon Training Tips
By Khiva Beckwith
Thinking about doing your first triathlon? It’s a great way to start off the month of May with Get Active America. As a first timer you may have genuine fear and you are not alone! I have been there and so have many others. Here are some tips to help calm your fears: When training for your swim try to go a little farther than your needed distance. It will give you confidence and you can always resort to your “easy” swim if need be (such as side or breast stroke.) The swim is the shortest part of the race and it’s over before you know it! For the riding, keep in mind that any bike with gears will work, be it mountain bike, hybrid, or road bike. Practice drinking while riding by reaching down for your water bottle and replacing it while looking forward. The bike is the longest part of the race and this is where you will need the most fuel and hydration. A good pair of running shoes is very important. If you haven’t been running lately you can work your way up to it. Start by running and walking. You can also do this during the triathlon. Incorporate brick workouts into your training. This workout consists of a back-to-back bike and run and will help your legs adjust from cycling legs to running legs. It should be done once a week. Weight training twice a week is great! The transitions occur between the swim/bike and the bike/run. If this is your first triathlon you don’t need to worry about speed during the transition, but preparation is important. With this being your first race, your main goal is to finish with a smile on your face. Be warned— once you do one triathlon you may never want to stop!

We will be hosting a blood drive here at the Club on June 12th.
Sign up times are available at the front desk. All blood donors will receive a free guest pass and the chance to help save a life!

Featured Staff Member
Carlos Garcia

Have you ever wondered how we keep the club in such great working order? The answer is Carlos Garcia. Carlos has been a part of our maintenance staff for less than a year and really keeps the gears turning around here. He works mainly behind the scenes but he is very valuable to the Sisters Athletic Club. Carlos was born and raised in Southern California. He has a degree in Fire Technology from Cal State that led him to a 30-year career with the Los Angeles Fire Department. When not at the Club, Carlos can be found coaching track and field at Sisters High School He has been coaching the Outlaws since 2007 but has been a track coach for 22 years. Carlos is not only a great track coach, he also competes at the master’s level in decathlon. His favorite events are pole vaulting and running hurdles Although he no longer fight fires, Carlos has not left his roots far behind. He works with Deschutes County Search and Rescue team and heads up the swift water rescue program. Carlos moved to Sisters in 2006 and has 11 acres which keep him busy. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and like any good Southern Californian, surfing! We are very thankful that Carlos is a part of our team at SAC.
In case you’re wondering, Carlos is single.

Mark your calendar for the
SAC Triathlon on June 2nd!