SAC Policies and Procedures due to Covid-19, updated July 16, 2020

Monday through Friday: 5:30am-7:00 pm

Pool & Hot Tub: 6:00am – 6:45pm

Kids club, Steam room: Closed

Saturday and Sunday:  8:00am-5:00 pm

Pool & Hot Tub: 8:00am – 4:45pm

Kids club, Steam room: Closed

Membership & Guests
All memberships defaulted to active in June. Click here to make membership changes.   Click here to view membership balance, status and payment method
Credit for prepaid annual memberships and full dues paid during closure was addresed in Tate’s email sent on 7/2/20
No temporary memberships being sold
Only guests that are family members of current active members residing in the same household will be allowed beginning July 1
Masks, Safety & Contact Tracing
Masks: Per Oregon law, all businesses must require employees, contractors, volunteers, customers and visitors to wear a mask, face shield, or face covering
All members will be asked a short series of questions related to Covid-19 symptoms upon entering SAC
All members must stop at the front desk to check in
All members must have one email on file (and/or updated phone number)
All members must have a current photo on file
SAC: We will far exceed the state’s requirements by disinfecting on an hourly basis
Members: You will be required to clean equipment prior to and after use. We have purchased disposable wipes as well as Covid-19 specific disinfectant
We have 9 different HVAC systems as well as ERVs. All are routinely serviced.
To increase airflow windows will be opened when outside temperatures allow
Locker rooms & Showers
Space is limited so members are encouraged to avoid locker rooms unless necessary
Shower towels will not be available during June
Pool & Hot Tub
One person per lane (more if all are in the same household)

Reservations encouraged.  Drop-ins are allowed if a lane is not reserved. Call the front desk to reserve your lane

Two reservations per member per week.  Reservations can be made one week in advance

45 minute maximum swim

All start times will be at the top of the hour and must end at 45 minutes past the hour (i.e. 7:00-7:45.)

No swim lessons or Hydro-Fit in June

3 people max in the Hot tub

Equipment has been spaced apart to support social distancing and includes a new workout area in the Mind Body Studio
All equipment must stay in its designated location
Group Exercise
A temporary schedule has been designed.  Sign ups are required.
Classes will be live streamed and available for active members.