Meet the Staff ~ April 2010

Sarah Golden works at the Front Desk at Sisters Athletic Club as well as manages the Café. She has been with SAC for over 3 years now and enjoys her work.  She especially enjoys the interaction she has with the members.  She feels very fortunate to be able to work in an environment, where people want to be healthy and stay fit.

One of the things people may not know about Sarah is that she was born and raised in Germany. Her family was a pretty active family that traveled a lot whenever they had time. In high school she used to be a 500 meter sprinter. Sarah also has 3 younger brothers that still live in Germany. Two of her brothers are in the German Military and the third one works for the German police. Even though she doesn’t get to visit her family very often she is very thankful for modern technology like the Camera Chat to be able to stay connected.

After meeting the love of her life at a Bible College in Germany, Sarah and her then future husband Jacob, moved to Sisters (5 ½ years ago).  They moved here to get married and to start their lives together.  By doing this, they were able to support her in-laws in the ministry.

One of Sarah’s biggest dreams is to become a Graphic Designer. She is currently taking college courses to achieve that goal. Going back to school has been quite an adventure for her especially since English isn’t her first language.  All in all, she has enjoyed the experience and hopes to finish well.

In their free time, Jacob and Sarah enjoy mountain biking, going for walks with their dog, roller skating, playing board games and spending time with family & friends.  Last year she participated in the SAC triathlon.  This showed her that her body can go further than she ever thought possible and that she can reach any goal if she works hard and stays with it.  Jacob and Sarah own a 2 year old Golden Retriever named Sammy which they love to spend time with.